Face Painting

Face Painting is available for both onsite events at the ranch such as birthday parties & family reunions, as well as offsite events such as petting zoos and festivals.

Offsite events require a completed contract and a $50 non-refundable deposit.

Onsite events can be included on IHR's tour contract without any additional contracts or deposits necessary.

Pricing may be adjusted based on the event's distance from the ranch, length of the event, and number of faces to be painted.

Base Price: $200 (for first hour)
Each Additional Hour: $100

​Event Pricing

Face Painting is now available most weekends at the ranch! 

From delicate roses and colorful butterflies, to superhero masks and seasonal favorites... we have limitless designs that appeal to all ages!  You can get your face painted while visiting the ranch* or even hire us for your next birthday party or event!** Please note that body painting is available as well.

Professional Designs range from $5 to $20
(pricing is based on complexity, coverage amount, & bling used)

*face painting may be available select weekends only
**event booking requires a completed contract and $50 deposit
  1. Princess Crown
    Princess Crown
    Available in a variety of colors and variations. Perfect for royalty of all ages
  2. Frozen Butterfly
    Frozen Butterfly
    Inspired by Elsa in the Disney favorite, Frozen, this design is sure to make every girl feel beautiful and cool even on the hottest of days.
  3. Batman Mask
    Batman Mask
    Available in a variety of styles and colors, who wouldn't love to be the Dark Knight
  4. Roses
    Available in multiple colors, masks, bracelets, arm, and one eye designs... roses look beautiful on everyone
  5. Neon Butterfly
    Neon Butterfly
    Who doesn't love a gorgeous, bright butterfly?
  6. Ghost Rider
    Ghost Rider
    A skull on fire.... what is there not to like about this one? Available in both full face and half face designs
  7. Neon Tiger Butterfly
    Neon Tiger Butterfly
    Tigers, leopards, oh my! Dazzle onlookers by enhancing your favorite designs with animal prints!