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Hiring IHR For Your Event

Things You Need To Know

Idle-Hour Ranch specializes in providing animal exhibits and educational programs for offsite events such as church functions/Nativity or Easter programs, corporate or private parties, anniversaries, birthday parties, parades, school functions/field trips, etc.

The animals here at IHR are well trained, experienced, and love to socialize with people, especially young children. As for the animal handlers, they take care of everything from answering your guest's questions to cleaning up after the animals at the end of your event.

For Nativity scenes & Easter programs and other live dramas and performances, IHR has many animals available for indoor presentation as well.  Camels are great for both outdoor and indoor Christmas performances and always receive rave reviews from the audience.  As for Easter, IHR can provide donkeys suitable for riding through the sanctuary, and don'’t forget that sheep/lambs are a spring time favorite every time.

IHR does have a few requirements, for setting up at offsite events, we would like for our clients to please remember.  First and foremost we ask that the animals are supplied with a shaded area during hot weather, and that there is also a water source for filling water buckets.  In addition, we would like to remind everyone that only with a contract will we be able to supply the animals for your event.  We suggest that there be at least two weeks notice prior to your scheduled event, in order to allow for mailing time.  Please notify us if you are on a tight schedule, and we will assist you in whatever way we can.

Due to liability/safety precautions IHR provides petting zoo panels to contain the animals while they are at your event.  Some exceptions apply.  Please ask for more information when you call to reserve your animals.

When you call to employ IHR  for a petting zoo/animal exhibit or educational program, we have a four-step process in creating the perfect selection for your event.

Our 4-Step Process

First, we help you choose, from the list below, which animals you would like to feature at your event.

Sheep, Goats  ------------------------- $30 each
Chickens, Rabbits, etc. -------------- $30 crate 
Donkeys, Ponies  ------------------- $100 each
Llamas, Cows, Horses ------------- $100 each
Alpaca, Highland Cow ------------- $125 each
Zebu ------------------------------------- $250 each
Miniature Horse --------------------- $250 each
Wallabies/Kangaroos  -------------- $500 pair*
Bactrian/Dromedary Camels ---- $800 pair*
Camel Rides --------------------- Call for Pricing

* Indicates animals that must be kept in pairs, no exceptions.
(Please note that all prices are subject to change without notice.)

Secondly, we determine according to your selection of animals how many animal handlers are required to properly care for the animals.  Handler fees apply.

Thirdly, we add up your mileage.  Our charge is $1.25 per mile, each way.  These figures are added up for your total fee.  We then send a contract with these fees listed, you fill out the date, time, event location, your contact information, etc.  When everything has been filled out, sign the bottom, make a copy for yourself and then return the original paperwork to us to reserve your animals. 

To reserve your unique selection of animals for your special event, call (937) 339-9731 (please leave a message with our answering service; including your name, phone number, and any information you might wish to receive.  We will return your call as soon as possible).

Your reservation is not secured until a completed contract has been sent to IHR along with a deposit.
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