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!Idle-Hour Ranch is the place to be
  1. Group Tours
    Reserve the ranch for your special group of 15 or more. Discounts and weekday appointments available. Please contact us for more information. Please Note: weekday appointments are for groups of 15+ only & availability begins at 10:30am - groups are welcomed to visit during ranch open hours on weekends without any scheduling or paperwork needed.
  2. Petting Zoos
    Hire your favorite IHR animals to enhance your special events! From petting zoos to nativity scenes and live performances, the animals of IHR are sure to bring joy to all.
  3. Parties & Events
    Birthday party, family reunion, or corporate picnic coming up? Host your parties & special events at IHR for an unforgettable experience sure to please all ages! Please Note: weekday appointments are for groups of 15+ only & availability begins at 10:30am - groups are welcomed to visit during ranch open hours on weekends without any scheduling or paperwork needed.
  4. Corn Maze
    Opens in August, before all the rest! Voted one of Ohio's best in both 2015 & 2016, with new designs every year! Check out our other fall festivities too...
  5. Internships
    Need some much needed experience for a job or college credits? Whether your aim is to be a vet, a zoologist, an office assistant, or security guard, IHR is the place to be!
  6. Summer Camp
    A one-of-a-kind hands on experience and behind-the-scenes look at the animals of IHR. Enjoy interactive education at its finest and learn about agriculture, exotic animals, and conservation.
  7. Animals of IHR
    Cougar, fox, sloth, otters, llamas, kangaroos, wallabies, alpacas, sheep, goats, cavy, skunk, emu, wolves, guinea birds, peacocks, rabbits, kookaburra, kinkajou, parrots, zebu, water buffalo, cattle, donkeys, yak, elk, camels, mini mule, horses, miniature dwarf horses, exotic deer, coatimundi, marmoset, lemurs, tortoise, coyotes, pot-bellied pigs and more!
  8. Visit IHR
    Explore the ranch during our seasonal open hours June - Oct: Friday, Saturday, & Sunday 12:00 - 6:00pm Admission costs apply. Extra activities are available including pony/camel rides, feeding the animals, mining for gemstones & fossils, corn maze, games, etc. - additional costs may apply for these activities.
  9. Sloth Encounter
    Get up close and personal with Queenie the sloth! A unique experience you will never forget! See our Sloth Encounter page for pricing and details...
  10. Face Painting
    Have your face painted at the ranch or hire face painting at your next event!
  11. Season Passes
    Save money when you visit the ranch! Get free admission to the ranch, corn maze, special events... and receive discounts on things like feed, mining, and gift shop items! Check out our Season Passes page for more info...
  12. Pricing
    Interested in how IHR's pricing compares to other entertainment venues? Check out Our Pricing page...
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Join us at IHR
  1. Vendors
    Looking for a venue to promote your crafts and wares? Have your wares seen by hundreds of people every weekend! IHR welcomes vendors to set up at the ranch! Contact us!
  2. Concessions
    Have a concession trailer? In between gigs? Need a little extra income? Contact us!
  3. Professional Photographers
    Looking to build your portfolio? Need a unique location that provides stunning new subjects and angles to perfect your craft? IHR is the place to be!
  4. Artists
    Looking for the perfect place to spark your creativity? Need some unique inspirations? Craving new places to take your Art class? Need diverse subjects to perfect your form? IHR is the place to be!
  5. Yoga
    You've heard of the goat yoga craze... But have you ever tried #CornMazeYoga? That's right! IHR has it! Perfect your pose on the Corn Maze bridge by the light of the setting sun... Now that's worth a hashtag!
  6. Entertainers
    Like to put on a show? So do we! Whether you're a musical genius or runaway circus clown... That's right... IHR is the place to be!
  1. Glamping
    Ever wanted to hear the eerie howl of wolves and coyotes under a full moon, or gaze at the stars from your tent while in a beautiful, safe, and unique rural setting? Well... IHR is the place to be! ...just far enough out to see the stars clearly & hear the sounds of nature - but still drive only 4 miles to a store for supplies. Best of all worlds! Tent & RV space currently available! Please contact us for more info
  2. Antiques / Garage Sale
    Like to do a little shopping while about? You never know what kind of treasures you'll find while visiting IHR! IHR will soon be opening an antique shop on the premises featuring antiques and garage sale treasures. Please contact us for more info
  3. Weddings / Engagements / Showers
    Looking for the perfect place to pop the question? Or want something unique for your special day? Look no further than IHR! Please contact us for more info